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Bonjour et Bienvenue!


My name is Mme. Beatrix Knoll and I am excited to be teaching your son/daughter this year.  I thought I would begin by introducing myself.
 My parents and I immigrated from Germany when I was 2 1/2 years old.  We moved to a small suburban neighbourhood in South Surrey, BC.  My parents decided to enroll me in the French Immersion program midway through Kindergarden and I graduated with 2 Dogwood Certificates 17 years later.     

In 2004 I moved to northern B.C. (Fort St. John) to begin my career as a teacher. I began teaching only 3 weeks after having graduated from the Faculty of Education at UBC.  When I lived in FSJ, I taught many different subjects at the middle school level (grades 8-10), such as Social Studies, English, French as a Second Language and French Immersion, PE, and Health and Career Education. 

3 short years later, I moved closer to home with my dog and cat in tow, but this time to the Salmon Capital of the world, which I am proud to call home now for the last 5 years. I am now spending my days in a primary/intermediate classroom and love every minute of it. I have come to the conclusion that I am much more suited to teaching younger kids.
When I’m not teaching or prepping for work, I love spending time with my dog Buster, or out looking for new places to explore.  Some of my passions include Mountain Biking, Rollerblading, Fitness and Health, cooking, baking, adventure racing, fishing, hiking and camping.  There are many more activities I enjoy partaking in, if only I had more time. 

So why did I become a teacher?  The main reason is because I love working with children. The summers off are a definate bonus, I will not lie.  Furthermore, I get excited when kids make breakthroughs in my classes and I can see it in their expressions.  Working with children is a passion of mine and I hope that I am able to make a difference in their lives.  Then I know that I have been a positive role model. 

I am excited to begin the school year once again and hope that your child is as excited to have a wonderful, fun and exciting year with me. 


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