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Glogster assignment for Pet Trouble
Glogs are due Wednesday, December 19th.  Click  here for a link to the project.

Science - Simple Machines Obstacle Course
Projects are due December 17th.  Click here for a link to the criteria. 

Moi comme un Monstre
Students are currently working on these.  The final product will be a poster of their monster with a descriptive write-up below.  We are working on the paragraphs and will continue to do so over the next week or so.  Click here for a link to the criteria.

Young Entrepreneurs
We all know the Fair is happening December 12th.  Please don't wait until the last minute to type up the Business Plan or gather all necessary supplies for the show.  Stress is not good !

For Friday, November 2nd
Interview project - Students now have the criteria for the poster project.  Many students have typed up their projects and I will return their rough copies to them.  Other students are currently working on typing up the projects.  Here on this link to see the criteria for the project.  I have also posted how to access student files from home.  Here is that link

For Friday, September 28th
Interview Questions - Students are to interview a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, older sibling or even a close friend or neighbor about their jobs.  As a class we generated these questions and I have compiled them.  This should be completed by Friday so that we can begin the next phase of this activity: a visual presentation of jobs and necessary work habits.  More details to come over the next week or so. 

For Monday, September 24th

  1. Les blasons - students complete a personal shield by filling in the boxes. They can include such things as their favorite food, sports, family vacation spots, animal, extra curricular activity, etc. Once they have colored the shield, they cut it out (including their name ribbon) and glue it on colorful construction paper that I will supply them.
  2. Hand Art - students traced one of their hands on 8 1/2 by 14 sized paper. They draw designs on the inside of their hands. They also include some sort of background on the bottom half of the paper(behind their hand), such as a beach scene, park, etc. In the top half, they include their name in cool bubble style writing. Both their hand and their name should be outlined with black sharpie. The rest should be colored with pencil crayons or felts.
For Friday, September 21st
Me Voici - a large newspaper style poster paper that students complete with various information about themselves.  It's a great introductory assignment.  Posters should be neat and colorful.  They can either draw their own portrait or include a picture from home.

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