Friday, October 26, 2012

Numeracy program: Guided Math

Math is one of those subjects students usually love or hate. I use a workshop approach for teaching math, offering the students some choice in how they learn the concepts.
Math workshop is broken down into five stations. Students will rotate through defined stations:

  • Games
  • work with manipulatives
  • individual desk work
  • work with the teacher
  • Mini math teachers in Mme. Halliday’s K/1 class.

A concept of the week will be taught every Monday morning and the weekly stations are also explained at this time. We will be working on a 5 day rotation, so each group should cycle through each station twice over a 5 days period. Since it is small groups of 5 or 6 students, I have the ability to work very closely with the students while they are learning, and able to clear up misconceptions very quickly.

Every day the students will spend about 20 minutes at each station and they rotate through 2 stations per day practicing the concepts being taught. If students are not able to complete their work assigned during Desk Math, it should be completed for homework.

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