Thursday, October 4, 2012

Interview Project

Students interviewed a family member or close friend/relative about their jobs and important work habits required to perform the job.  The next phase of this project is to present the job and necessary work habits in a creative poster presentation.  I will give you the poster paper you need to present your project. 

Criteria: (what to include)

  • Interesting facts about the job, such as:
  • What is the job?
    o Education/schooling necessary (you may have to go back and ask this to the person you interviewed)
    o Job criteria/ tasks (duties)image
    o Their likes/dislikes about the job
  • Necessary work habits the person uses at their job, including:
    o Why are these work habits important?
    o Consequences for demonstrating poor work habits?

What will make my project more interesting?

  • Pictures of the person and at the job and other pictures pertaining to the job
  • Detail in written work
  • Creativity (designs, pictures, drawings)
  • Well organized and neat
  • Typed (we can do this at school twice a week and you can do this at home too)



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