Friday, November 2, 2012

Important Information for November 2nd

During parent-teacher interviews, the question was asked whether the kids should be reading at home on a nightly basis.  And the answer is...of course :) A minium of 20 minutes each night should be spent on reading.  We go to the library each week and they can take out a maxiumu of 5 books each week.  Three of these books should be in French and 2 in English.  These books are meant to be read in the classroom as well as going home.  We also have books in the classroom that can be taken out daily and returned.  I emphasized this with my class today again. 

  • French reading 20 minutes each night
  • Art:  Where is Hedgie + Symmetrical Spiders - by Tuesday
  • Young Entrepreneur Books page 10, 11 + 22 to be completed by Wednesday.
  • Prototypes should all be at school by Wednesday
Young Entrepreneurs
I sent home the Young Entrepreneur Business Planning books so that the kids can complete 5 questions for Market Research that they will be doing Wednesday, November 7th.  This also means that they should have their prototype in class by Wednesday for this purpose. 

We also discussed that each of them should get a loan for their family member, even if this isn't really necessary for them.  I am emphasizing that they do so as the majority of small business owners/entrepreneurs require a loan to get their companies going. 

I am really enjoying soem of the creative and unique prototypes that I've seen so far.  Keep up the great work.

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