Monday, November 26, 2012

Six Simple Machines–An Obstacle Course

 Follow the criteria below.  You may work on your own or with a partner.  If you work with a partner, then you only need to create one obstacle course.


  • Design an obstacle course with at least 6 parts.
  • Each part must represent a different type of simple machine.
  • Complete the planning sheet that your teacher gave you to plan the project.  Each part must be detailed.
  • When you have designed and planed out the project, construct a model.  Make sure to follow the below criteria:
    • 3 dimensional
    • Each of the 6 machines must be represented as “separate” parts of your obstacle course.
    • You may use any materials of your choice to construct your model.  However, you must build your own machines.  (ie.  you can not use a miniature bicycle to represent a wheel and axle, etc.)  On the other hand, you can use figurines or miniature trees and other decorations throughout your model, etc.).
  • You must use your own materials to construct your model.  I can supply you with construction paper, glue, etc. Remember to bring things from home. (cardboard, etc.)


In addition to your 3-D model, you must include written instructions on how to complete your obstacle course.  The instructions must be written neatly and in order of each obstacle, in French.

Remember to hand in your project on time.  You will be given about 6 classes to work on this, so please do not waste your time and use your time appropriate.  Remember to come prepared to work on your project every day. 



You will be evaluated on the following:

  • planning sheet was completed with accuracy
  • you drew out a plan of your obstacle course
  • your final model is a 3-Dimensional obstacle course
  • all 6 machines are represented separately
  • all 6 machines were constructed
  • team work, independent work habits, time management
  • the written directions are clear, well written, in French and any spelling/ grammatical errors do not interfere with the quality of the work
  • creative, well presented, unique, amount of effort put into the project

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