Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Update on assignments

Geography Tourist Poster

I just wanted to update you on the Geography Poster assignment for Social Studies.  The original due date was February 18th, but with having Madison increase her teaching load from 30 - 100% within a 2 week period, we will push the due date back a bit.  

Therefore, I am asking that the students complete the poster project at home and hand it in by Friday, March 1st.  

I will supply your child with the necessary paper to complete the poster.  

Mme. Knoll

List of Assignment in Class

In class you will now notice I have hung a chart with the student's names and ongoing assignments.  As we tackle new work in class, it will be added to a new column and your child's name will be checked off once he/she hands it in.  I am trusting the students to check off their own names once they have handed in the work into the "Fini" bin.  We discussed in class about how it's important to be honest and how they should not be checking off their names when they haven't completed the work or handed it in.  

I also reminded them that an assignment is not considered "finished" if it's not put into the "fini" bin. I am looking forward to seeing the children take increased responsibility with their work and I believe that this new system will be a great visual support to help them complete their work in a timelier manner. 

I also reminded them that they need to write their names on their work... it becomes very difficult and frustrating to guess hand writing.

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